Darton MID K-Series Block Sleeving (K20)


Darton MID (Modular Integrated Deck) Sleeving for Honda B18A/B18B/B18C Engines.

Want the best sleeves in the industry? Look no further. Darton Sleeves are used by the entire Top Fuel class, as well as almost all record setting drag and road race teams.

All blocks are hot tank washed prior to the sleeving process, and rinsed off afterwards. Please strip your block of everything that you can, we do not need anything more than the block and the matching main caps with bolts.

Darton MID sleeves are individually replaceable, should you ever damage one.

You will need to have a machine shop do the final bore and hone to match your desired piston to wall clearance with your pistons.

Additional options, such as Bore and Hone, O-ringing, Step Decking are available as well.

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